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30 APRIL 2010

yeah, i know my personal blog is rotting.
no, it's already rotten.
nobody sees or reads it, not even my dear.
he doesn't even take note of my activities on the net, unlike others :(
i have no motivation to blog anymore
cos there's no point blogging when even my dear don't reads it.
he rather spend time mostly on manga but not even a peak at my activities.
does he really concern about me?
when there's so many areas he doesn't care about.


23 January 2o1o !

<span style="font-size: large;"><span style="font-size: x-large;">happy 7th month dear !

i love you and i will always do .

actually no point saying here too, he won't come and see also :(</span>


17 January 2o1o

Today is a sad day.
Dear so demotivated to do all the things.
I so sad. want to do anything see him like that i also no mood to do le
sigh, he now beside me peeping at my post.
he only motivated to do things that he wanted to do
i so sad that i cant blog peacefully too .
i wish he can have a higher energy level too .
When he has a lower energy level, it makes my energy level goes down too.
sighh .. my god can u give him energy !!!
I feel so hurting when he's like no mood no mood, it's like he don't enjoy the time he's with me.


o7 December 2oo9

sad today no lunch, dear not going down to eat cos need to do ppt.
after doing ppt, also can go what . sighh nvm la
feel so uncomfortable nowadays, tired.
now having bio in class, kind of bored but cell structures i like :)
can't play games and just finished doing worksheet and ordering (online shopping :) hehs)
sighhh sometimes i just dont know why la, i understand him but yet, i wanted to angry.
my heart, brain and my reflected actions and emotions doesn't coordinate.
it's like i understand his ku zhong but somehow or rather, i feel sad inside when he can't acc me and i just wanted to show a sad face.
sighh feeling vex of all these stuffs, it makes me contradicts myself and feeling damn awkward.
it's like saying yes and no at the same time.
but yeah! he asked me whether want to eat later or not :)
i dont know why, it just makes me happy. LOL

how i wish he will auto go do sth for me rather than saying then do, sometimes even worse say already never do.


23 November 2oo9

It's 23 again! happy 10 months kath ! :)
I'm listening to piano songs, it's damn freaking touching.
I feel like hugging him now.
I'm happily and blissfully attached to him, i hope he feel the same way too .

Veronica: Never eat the yong tau fu !
Lewis: You hate Add maths!
Warren: Maths very tough !

I know a blog must be very boring without pictures like mine.
Shall upload some soon :)


18 November 2oo9

<span style="font-size: xx-large;">Grats mushroom sister :)
Hope that they will last long .

<span style="font-size: small;">Please prove it to me that you will last long with him in this relationship okays ?

ANDANDAND no phobia please! LOL

Be happy ! :) </span>



15 november 2oo9

*SOBS* i damn sad now.
the kinder joy that dear gave me on my bday kena eaten by my father and the toy is thrown away by my aunt !!!
He gave me nothing that I can keep by my side except for this lor .
I'm damn heartbroken . I don't even dare to eat this precious lonely egg as it's my only thing for memories !
dear also don't like to take pictures and seldom give me memorable stuffs.
My aunt just likes to touch other ppl's thing and my egg just gone like this ?!
I don't even have any idea how the toy inside looks like .
It's like wth lor !
sobs. no more le la no more le la .


4 October 2oo9

<span style="color: #ff0000;"><span style="font-size: x-large;"><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><b>SAY 'NO' TO MUSHROOM !

</b></span><span style="color: #000000;"><span style="font-size: small;">DARLING'S MUSHROOM HEAD WILL SOON BECOME A NORMAL HEAD LE :D




3o 0ctober 2oo9

sighh .. darling did not really understand me.
If i go find her because i have no one to turn to, then what about the rest of my best friends ?
I just can't expect her to be thinking like this.
I think explanation will be no use anymore, she just won't believe it.
I'm sad but what can i do ?
If i tell her, she will just thinks that it's because there's no one there for me then i'll go find her.
If i tell her, she will be worried and thinks about 'only weeliang and family' .
If i don't tell her, she will just says i tell others and not her. i'm crying at that time and he just happens to call me.
Problems kept arising, family, dear and now, darling.
I love them all . I'm tired.
I know you are tired of all the problems i have, that's why i didn't want to find you all the times when i have problems.
I don't wish to glue you to me, if you thinks it's a burden, just be it.


I didn't know what to post recently.
I just can't cope with all the stress that had been built up over a period of time.
I need an antidote to free all the stress, i need happiness, i need care and concern.
I wanted an open heart, a heart that is free from pressure and suffocation.